Choir Music Lists

One of the most difficult things as a Stake or Ward choir director is choosing high quality, appropriate music for Sacrament Meetings and Stake Conferences.  The following list includes a few of my favorite music appropriate for these occasions. 


Behold the Wounds in Jesus’ Hands, David Naylor, EASTER (Intermediate)

Brother James’ Air, Arr. Mack Wilberg, ALL OCCASIONS (Easy-Intermediate)

Come Thou Fount, Arr. Sally DeFord, ALL OCCASIONS (Easy-Intermediate)

Come Unto Him, Daniel Carter, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate)

Draw Near, Unto Me, Nancy Lee Oliver, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate)

Have I Done Any Good, Arr. David Zabriske, ALL OCCASIONS (Easy)

He Shall Feed His Flock, John Ness Beck, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Difficult)

I Believe in Christ, Arr. Mack Wilberg, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

More Holiness Give Me, Arr. Ronald Staheli, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate)

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Arr. Mack Wilberg, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

Night of All Nights, Stephen Jones, CHRISTMAS (Easy-Intermediate)

Offertory, John Ness Beck, SATB, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Difficult)

O Holy Jesus, Jonathan Wilcocks, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Difficult)

Oh, What Songs of the Heart, Arr. Mack Wilberg, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Difficult)

Peace I Give to You, Larry Visser, ALL OCCASION (Easy)

Praise to the Man, Arr. Craig Petrie, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Dificult)

Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer, Brett Stewart, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

Redeemer of Israel, Arr. Mack Wilberg, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

Rock of Ages, Arr. Brett Stewart, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

Silent Night, Diane Tuiofu, CHRISTMAS (Intermediate)

This is the Christ, Michael Moody, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate)

The Lord Is My Shepherd, Arr. Mack Wilberg, EASTER, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

The Spirit of God, Arr. Mack Wilberg, ALL OCCASIONS (Difficult)

They, the Builders of the Nation, Arr. Mack Wilberg, PIONEER DAY (Intermediate)


Rise Up, O Men of God, Arr. Ronald Staheli, PRIESTHOOD (Intermediate-Difficult)


How Can I Keep From Singing, Arr. Diane Tuiofu, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate)

O, How Lovely Was the Morning, Arr. James Kasen, ALL OCCASIONS (Intermediate-Difficult)


Still, Still, Still, Arr. Mack Wilberg, CHRISTMAS (Intermediate)


Hymnplicity for Ward Choir, Volumes 1-10, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic, Arr. Brent Jorgensen (Easy)

The Choirbook, the only book of choir music published by the LDS Church (Easy-Intermediate)


Jackman Music Corporation, the largest publisher of LDS music.  Music can be purchased through their website.

Day Murray Music, the largest retailer of LDS music.  Their knowledgable staff is a great resource if you are trying to choose music for your choir.  If you are visiting the Salt Lake area be sure to stop by.  You can also order music by phone or website.

J.W. Pepper, anything that is in print is available for purchase through JW Pepper.  They are the fastest, easiest music distributer to work with.  They also tend to be the most expensive.  But, when you need your music ASAP, they are the ones to call.

Sheet Music Plus, if you are ordering well in advance you can usually save a lot of money ordering from them.  The key phrase is “well in advance”.

LDSMusicSource, this is the “green label” site where you can purchase inexpensive choral arrangements.

Some websites offer Free LDS Music.


Do you have a favorite choral piece?  Send me the title in the comment box below.

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5 Responses to “Choir Music Lists”

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One Love Another by Craig Petrie. on

Hi. I’m the Stake Music Director for my Stake in Australia and have really enjoyed your website. It’s so informative and has helped me so much. I was wondering if you have any helpful ideas regarding choirs. I’m interested in how I should place the choir members, ie, sopranos, tenors, bass, alto. Is it best to have each part in a line, or grouped together etc. Thanks so much for your help.

When placing singers in a stake or ward choir we have to remember, they aren’t professional singers and need to be standing near others singing the same part or their voices are likely to wander. So, when I’m directing a church choir my preference is to group them from left to right (sopranos, altos, tenors, basses). Another thing to consider is the configuration of choir seats in your chapel. Some chapels are built with strange choir configurations so you just have to adapt to the way your church was built. My chapel is old and has some serious problems when it comes to being able to seat the choir. We just have to squeeze in and do the best we can with the space we are given.

Thanks so much. Appreciate your comments and will try them out this Conference.

Thank you SO much for this very helpful list. I never cease to be amazed at how little information is out there for Stake Music Chairman. I have had this calling 5 years and really need outside information that I may not have thought of. Just thank you, thank you. I am doing choral training next week and am thankful to share these ideas. Verla Harmston

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