Vocal Solos/Duets for Sacrament Meeting

The Following is a list of solos and duets appropriate for a performance in a Sacrament Meeting. When choosing a selection to perform as a solo or duet keep in mind the style that is appropriate for Sacrament Meetings.


Behold the Wounds in Jesus’ Hands, David Naylor (available in Medium or High voice)

Consider the Lilies, Roger Hoffman (available in Low or Medium voice)

Guide Me to Thee, Arr. Rowberry, from the collection Sabbath Song II

I Feel My Savior’s Love, K. Newell Daley (Medium voice)

I Know That My Redeemer Lives, Arr. Rowberry, from the collection Sabbath Song II

I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus, Janice Kapp Perry (Medium Voice)

Love One Another, Arr. A. Laurence Lyon (Medium voice)

May My Life Reflect Thy Will, K. Newell Daley (Medium Voice)

More Holiness Give Me, Arr. Ronald Staheli, from the collection Sabbath Song

O Divine Redeemer, Charles Gounoud (available in High, Medium, or Low voice…Advanced Level)

O Holy Night, Adolphe C. Adam (Advanced level)

O That I Were an Angel, Wanda West Palmer (available in High, Medium or Low voice…Advanced Level)

The Lord’s Prayer, B. Cecil Gates (Medium Voice…Advanced Level)

This Is The Christ, Michael Moody, (available in High, Medium, or Low Voice)

We’ll Bring the World His Truth, Janice Kapp Perry

Where Can I Turn for Peace, Arr. James Kasen

Where Love Is, Arr. A Laurence Lyon, (Medium-High Voice)


Love Is Spoken Here, Janice Kapp Perry (Medium Voice)

More Holiness Give Me, Arr. Donald H. Ripplinger (SA…Advanced Level)

Sweet Hour of Prayer, Arr. Dan Carter (Medium Voice)


Hymns of Joy (Hymn Duet Arrangements), Arr. Larry Beebe

Praiseworthy Singer, Vol.12, Advanced Hymns, Arr. Crawford Gates (Medium Voice…Advanced Level)

Praiseworthy Singer, Vol.2, Arr. Robert Manookin (Medium Voice)

Praiseworthy Singer, Vol.7, Hymn Settings, Various Composers (Medium Voice)

Praiseworthy Singer, Vol.9, Sacred Songs, Arr. A. Laurence Lyon (High Voice)

Sabbath Song, in 2 volumes, various composers, (available in High or Medium Voice…Advanced Level) These books are my favorite and have some gorgeous hymn arrangements in the form of classical art songs, but there are a few songs in this collection not suitable for Sacrament Meeting.

Sing a Song of Joy, Arr. Larry Beebe (Solos, Hymn arrangements, Medium/Low Voice)

The Joy of Christmas, Arr. Larry Beebe, (Solos, available for High or Low voice)


Never underestimate the power of a simple hymn or primary song for a Sacrament Meeting musical selection. A few years ago I accompanied two men, professional singers, singing a duet from the Children’s Songbook. It was simple, yet extremely powerful. I’ve had my four children perform primary songs in 2-part harmony for Sacrament Meeting and those performances have been equally spiritual and powerful. Let us not get into the habit of thinking that Sacrament Meeting music needs to be grandiose performances. Simplicity, if performed well, is more spiritually powerful than the busiest of songs.

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10 Responses to “Vocal Solos/Duets for Sacrament Meeting”

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Do you have an icon that will indicate where I might see if this is indeed the arrangement I am looking for?

Just click on each song and it will take you to the retailer/publisher. There you may find a preview of the piece. If I put a preview online it would violate copyright laws.

I am looking for a duet for my husband and I to sing in Sacrament here in a couple weeks and I’m not sure what to look for. Both of us have good ranges so that’s not an issue, but are clueless where to find something for just two people to sing. Any suggestions or ideas?

Here are some duet ideas:
1. Any of the songs from the Beebe Sound Hymns of Joy (Vocal Duets Vol.1) http://www.hymns.com/store/p/217-HYMNS-OF-JOY-Vocal-Duets-Volume-1.aspx
2. Using a hymn from one of the Hymnplicity Books (Brent Jorgensen), alter it for 2-part harmony. You can take turns singing the unison parts or singing them together in unison. When singing together in harmony the man can sing melody while the woman sings alto, or the woman can sing melody while the man sings the tenor part. I have used these Hymnplicity books for many duets/trios/quartets and they always sound great.
3. If you’re able, take a primary song and write in a harmony part. Take turns singing the melody/harmony (see #2).
4. Look through the choir music in your meetinghouse library and see if you can find a choir piece in 2-part harmony (men/women) to use it as a vocal duet.
5. Go to JackmanMusic.com and search for duets. There are over 100 LDS vocal duets.

I am looking for good piano solo music for sacrament meeting.. some different arrangements.. I haven’t found much. Help me! (:

My favorite piano solos for sacrament meeting come from the collections “Especially for Pianists” (books 1-4 are my favorites), available through Jackman Music. These are probably a late intermediate, early advanced level. I’ve had many students perform these pieces in church. I create my own arrangements when I perform because there is nothing out there at the advanced level except for Crawford Gates’ “Come, Come Ye Saints” which I have performed before.

Is it inappropriate for a non-member to sing a solo of one of the listed songs in Sacrament Meeting accompanied by a pianist in traditional LDS fashion?

When I was a stake music chairman, my stake president, now a general authority, often asked how we can get more non-member musicians to participate in our sacrament meetings. He even invited a high school choir to come sing in one of our meetings (most singers were non-members). As long as the music is appropriate and the performers are dressed appropriately, he wanted them there to feel the spirit of our meetings. I have had many non-member musician friends play instruments and sing in sacrament meetings and firesides.

Holly, thank you SO much for replying so quickly! I appreciate your sensible words of which I highly agree.

I am looking for hymn arrangements for choirs. Where they doing from hymn book and have nice accompany.

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