Basic Hymn Registrations

Unlike the standard Kawai or Yamaha brand pianos in the church, there has been no standard LDS organ. I have been in hundreds of LDS chapels and rarely have I seen two organs alike. Although many of the church organs are Allen brand, their models are very different. You will need to spend a few hours and days practicing and experimenting with the various organ registrations on your meetinghouse organ to get quality registrations for hymn accompanying. To get started, here are some basic hymn registrations.

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Hymns: Reverent, Slower, Meditative

Great: Principals 8′, 4′, 2′

Pedal: Principals 16′, 8′, 4′

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Hymns: Upbeat, Rousing, Spirited, Jubilant

Great: Principals 8′, 4′, 2′, Mixture

Pedal: Principals 16′, 8′, 4′  or you can try Principal 16′ + Great to Pedal

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Hymns: Changing Registration Between Verses

To a reverent hymn: try adding to the Great: Flutes 8′, 4′, (2′) or add the Flutes to the Swell and use the Swell to Great Coupler

To a spirited hymn: you can add a Mixture if you haven’t done that already, add a Chorus Reed

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Additional Suggestions for Hymn Registrations

1. Always begin with Principal Chorus stops, beginning with 8′, then substitute or add flutes 4′ (and 2′) to lessen the harshness.

2. Balance the registration by adding stops in numerical order 8′, 4′, 2′, 8′, 4′ etc. An unbalanced registration (8′, 8′, 8′, 4′ for example) will sound dark and slushy.

3. The expression (volume) should be fully open for hymn accompanying. The Crescendo pedal should be fully closed (off).

4. The minimum hymn registrations are 8′, 4′ for the Great and 16′, 8′ for the Pedal.

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Organ Stop Categories and Names



ChoralBass, Diapason, Doublette, Dulciana, Fifteenth, Montre, Octave, Principal, Prestant, Quinte, Spitze Principal, Twelfth


Blockflote, Bourdon, Clarabella, Copula, Cor de Nuit, Flautino, Gedackt, Holzedackt, Larigot, Melodia, Nazard, Piccolo, Pommer, Speilpfeife, Stopped Diapason, Subbass, Tibia, Tierce


Aeoline, Cello, Fugara, Gamba, Salicet, Salicional, Unda Maris, Viola, Violone, Voix Celeste


Chorus Reeds: Bassoon, Bombarde, Clarion Fagotto, Hautbois, Oboe, Posaune, Rankett, Tromba, Trompette, Waldhorn

Solo Reeds: Clarinet, Cromorne, Festival Trumpet, French Horn, French Trumpet, Krummhorn, Regal, Rohrkrummhorn, Rohr Schalmei, Schalmei, Tuba

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