Responsibilites of a Ward Organist

Ward Organist

  • Provides prelude and postlude music and accompaniment for hymns at sacrament meeting and other ward meetings as requested. (10-15 min. prelude and 5-10 min. postlude for a typical Sacrament Meeting) 
  • Obtains the hymn assignments in plenty of time to practice for accompanying in sacrament meeting.
  • Chooses appropriate prelude and postlude music (hymns, hymn arrangements, and other appropriate selections)
  • Chooses appropriate stops (which control the sound and volume) for the hymns being sung, i.e., not too loud on a sacrament hymn or contemplative hymn, and not too soft on a boisterous, upbeat hymn.
  • Offers occasional, rehearsed, appropriate accompaniment changes, i.e., volume changes, registration changes, etc.
  • Uses the metronome markings in the hymnbook as a guide for correct tempos
  • Watches the music director for cues, i.e., pauses, ritardandos, slight change in tempos, etc.
  • Learns and practices good accompanying techniques.

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