How to teach a song

1. Introduce the song by allowing the children to listen to it, either from a CD or through the director singing the song.

2. Rhythm copycat. Director claps or taps a rhythm from the song and the primary kids copy. Then sing, or hum the tune to that phrase while clapping the rhythm. This works great for getting kids attention.

3. Copycat singing. The director sings a phrase, then the kids sing it. Do this as many times as necessary for the children to learn the song. This works great for Jr. Primary kids.

4. Make a poster with pictures to help the kids remember the words to the song.

5. Make a poster with key words to help the Sr. Primary kids remember the song. Remember words don’t help most Jr. Primary kids as they are too young to read.

6. Once the kids know the song, even just a little, sing it over and over to reinforce their memory.

7. Bring in hand puppets named Humphry and Lulu.  When the puppets are down the kids sing the words. Holding up Humphry means the kids hum and Lulu means the kids sing oooo.

8. Make 2 signs “Teachers” and “Children”. The sign you hold up determines who sings. Change the signs several times throughout the song so the singing is going back and forth between the teachers and the children.

9. Have the kids stand each time they hear a certain word in the song. Keep changing the word every time you sing the song.

10. After the kids have been singing the song, at a moment when you have their attention and there is relative peace in the primary room, share a short testimony of the principles being taught in the song.

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