Music Chairmen

Ward Music Chairman

A Sacrament Meeting is the most sacred LDS meeting of the week and the Ward Music Chairman plays a major role in the outcome of that meeting.  When the music is sacred, appropriate, uplifting, and of high quality, those in attendance may find it easier to feel the peaceful influence of the Spirit.  In addition to preparing the Sacrament Meeting music, a Ward Music Chairman organizes music for events such as firesides and activities as requested by members of the Ward Council.  The Music Chairman trains the ward musicians and assists them in their music callings as needed.

Stake Music Chairman

I have never worked so hard in a calling as I did when I was the Stake Music Chairman.  There were weeks when it was like a full time job, usually when we were working on a stake program.  Every stake is different when it comes to this calling.  Some stakes expect the Music Chairman to organize music for Stake Conferences and that’s it.  As the Stake Music Chairman I organized and directed annual stake Christmas Concerts, stake choir performances at the temple, a Pioneer Day concert, an Easter performances of Handel’s Messiah (choir and orchestra).  I also organized the music for the Stake Conferences, firesides, and Priesthood meetings.  I attended the Ward Conferences, met with the Ward Music Chairmen, and organized stake music training meetings and workshops.  I helped with individual music needs in the wards and branches.  I was always “on call” as Bishops and other Priesthood Leaders used me as a resource for various music needs and problems in their wards and organizations.  Some of my most sacred personal experiences occurred during this time as well.  Music invites the spirit.

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